Crew Pilot Training

Small classes, enormous focus, since 1978


Never get lost in the crowd. 2-4 students typically attend a class, meaning that you receive focused attention from our instructors.

All of our instructors are current or retired airline pilots. Each instructor has thousands of hours experience flying the 737 in line operations at major airlines

Finish your type rating in approximately 10-12 days. (Training times vary based on student experience.)

  I very much appreciate my training with CPT. Overall, the experience was very positive. I feel very fortunate to have had Sean Crotty as my instructor. He is about the most patient man I know! His professionalism and humor made the often stressful and certainly challenging simulator sessions much more effective. His briefs and debriefs were always very constructive and he was good at explaining the complex procedures in a way we could understand and then apply on the next sim. I came away feeling like I was a much better pilot in general-not just a B-737 type rated ATP. So thank you for that. 
  By the way this type ride ended at 2am and we still found someplace nearby to celebrate. Thank goodness for Bryson's where you can get a good pint and some wings until 3am weekdays and 4am on the weekends. 

Seniority is everything in the airline world.
Let us help you get there!

Classic 737 Type Rating — Crew Pilot Training offers the Boeing 737 Classic 300/400/500 additional aircraft type rating program
Boeing 737 NG Type Rating — Crew Pilot Training offers the Boeing 737 NG additional aircraft type rating program
Recurrent Training — It's time to get refreshed
Differences Training — Crew Pilot Training provides differences training from the B737 Classic to the B737 NG series aircraft
Interview Sim Prep — Have an interview soon? We will prepare you for your interview sim ride
ATP-CPT — The course covers the basic requirements outline in Advisory Circular 61-138 and FAR Part 61.156.