Crew Pilot Training’s flight school has a 40-year history of training pilots for all major national airlines. Our staff, instructors and examiners are all retired airline pilots or military veterans with plenty of experience.


Our ATP flight school course covers the requirements outlined in Advisory Circular 61-138 and FAR Part 61.156. Completing this ATP flight course will enable the pilot to take the Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine (ATM) knowledge examination. Our ATP flight certification course includes 30 hours of classroom instruction that encompasses areas of study in aerodynamics, flight automation, adverse weather conditions, air carrier operations, transport airplane performance, professionalism, and leadership and development (CRM).

The ATP flight training includes four hours in a B-737 Classic or Next Generation Flight Training Device that is Level 4 or higher. This is followed by six hours of full flight training in a Level C or D flight simulator that allows for a practical application of the classroom academics.


Pilot License and two forms of color photo ID.


Crew Pilot Training offers four primary training locations for the ATP-CTP Flight Certification course: 

  • Dallas, TX
  • Sanford, FL (Orlando area)
  •  Miami, FL
  •  Freeport, FL*

* Freeport is located east of Niceville. For this location, all training will be accomplished at Freeport, except for the last day, which will be in Sanford for the full flight simulator training.


The ATP Flight Certification course is scheduled for six days, but if you train at our Freeport location, allow one extra day for traveling to Sanford for full flight simulator training. ATP training at all of our other flight school locations takes six days. Upon completing the ATP Flight Certification course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion, allowing you to take your FAA ATP Knowledge Exam. We have testing centers located near our flight schools. The FAA requires you to schedule your own testing time if you choose to take the written exam immediately following the course. You can visit CATS testing centers online for more information about scheduling your exam.


Our ATP-CTP Flight Certification classes are ongoing. To enroll online, visit our application page. You can also enroll via telephone or email.

Note: If you have a specific day you would like to start the course, bring a few of your pilot buddies and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our Freeport flight school location can offer evening classes for the pilots stationed at one of the nearby military bases.


We require a deposit of $1,500.00 paid by Mastercard, Visa, check or bank transfer to confirm your class enrollment. The balance is due to our home office in Kingwood, Texas at least 10 days prior to class, to be paid by a personal check or bank transfer. Please contact the home office for bank transfer information at 281.360.1010 or email


For the pilots who will be joining us from outside the local area, we have contracts with hotels nearby all of our locations. Prices run seasonally from $69 to $99 + tax per night. If you are stationed at the Eglin Air Force Base, Duke Field and Hurlburt Field have lodging starting at $44 a night.

If your training is in Miami, we have a contract rate for the Comfort Suites Miami and the Clarion. The price will vary based on the time of year and your personal room request. The price ranges from $69 to $99 + tax. At our Dallas location, we contract with the LaQuinta Hotel at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Our operations office can provide you with a full list of hotels.


We are approved to accept veteran’s benefits, both post-9/11 and the GI Bill. We carry all the required VA forms in our office. Upon completing enrollment in our flight school, Crew Pilot Training will email the required forms for you to complete and return. Crew Pilot Training will file the VA paperwork for you once the course is completed. Your refund should arrive approximately 6 to 8 weeks after graduation. Upon completion of the course, Crew Pilot Training will email you copies of all VA paperwork that was filed on your behalf. We require all students to pay upfront for our flight school. The VA will refund you if you are using veteran’s benefits.


For students that are not U.S. citizens and for students holding green cards, you must apply for TSA approval to attend class. This is a requirement even if you have been approved for another U.S. flight school. This approval is required for each U.S. flight school you attend. You can apply for approval through

Visa requirements: You should check with your embassy and the international students guide for more information. Crew Pilot Training flight school can be found under Texas, not Florida, on the TSA approval site.