Crew Pilot Training provides differences training from the B737 Classic to the B737 NG series aircraft.


  • ATP Certificate with a B737 Type Rating


  • Commercial Pilot Certificate with a B737 Type Rating


Academic classroom training will consist of satisfactorily completing each system differences between the B-737- (Classic) and the B-737 NG series aircraft, using Crew Pilot Training’s manuals.

  • 2 Hours FTD Training
  • Cockpit & Panel Differences Flows
  • Checklists Procedures
  • The simulator module will also be briefed during the FTD period
  • 4 Hours Flight Training
  • Cockpit Prep Flows, Checklists Norm/Abnorm Eng Starts
  • Normal TO w/ SID System Abnormals Holding
  • Steep Turns Stalls STAR w/ Precision App.
  • Missed App. Full-Stop Landings Rejected TO
  • Emergency Evac V1 Eng Failure Single Eng. Precision App.
  • Single Eng Non-Precision App.
  • Hyd System Failure
  • Visual App. w/ Hyd Sys Failure
  • Taxi-In Parking Post-flight Procedures


Crew Pilot Training manuals, Vol. II – NG Differences. Approach plates are provided.


  • 5000 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33166 — map

Download the Miami Overview Booklet.


Operations will schedule all training events and once the schedule has been confirmed. Each pilot will receive an e-mail containing all information needed for the training.


Contact Ray Brendle at for the latest course price.

Payments may be made by Cash, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

NOTE:  Once CPT confirms your training date NO refunds will be made.


Classes are ongoing. However, if you have a special day you would prefer, bring a few of your buddies and we will try our best to accommodate you.

To submit an application either:

Any queries, please address to our contact page.


The following document copies must be received prior to class date via email to

ATP (or) Commercial license: If you hold the ATP we will need a GOOD CLEAR copy (pdf) front and back, and signed. If you hold a Commercial license and have the ATP written, CPT will need a (pdf) copy of the ATP exam results and the ATP certificate from the ATP-CTP school you attended.
Medical: A (pdf) copy of your current (FIRST) class CIVILIAN medical. Remember you don’t need one unless you will be filing for VA benefits. You may wait on the medical as we don’t need it until right before your class date.
Copy of passport OR Birth Certificate: If you use your Birth Certificate we will need TWO forms of picture ID and make them clear (pdf) copies please.
Picture: Photo (Jpeg) current (about the size of a passport) in color. This is a requirement of the TSA. Take a selfie of yourself with your smartphone.
VA information: COPIES of all college transcripts that you list on VA form 22-1990 block 14C. Unofficial copies are OK.


CPT has contracts with 2 Hotels within walking distance to the Training Center. The price will vary due to the time of year and what your personal request is. The price range is from 69 to 99 + tax. The operations department will make your reservations to assure confirmation of your room. We do our best to contract with motels that offer transportation to and from the Training Center and Airport.


We are VA approved for veterans benefits. VA refunds normally take approximately 4 to 8 weeks after graduation. Upon completion of the course, CPT will provide copies of all VA paperwork that were filed on your behalf.

More information is available on our VA Benefits page.


All foreign students, and students holding Green Cards, must apply for TSA approval prior to attending class. This is a requirement even if you have been approved at another U.S. flight school, regardless of visa; approval is required for each U.S. flight school or center you wish to attend. You must apply through at least four weeks prior to class.


All cancellation notices must be by email or certified mail in our home office 30 days prior to class date. Please reference our cancellation and rescheduling policies.