Many of us fall in love with the idea of being a pilot as children. As we get older, though, most people move on to other ambitions. Yet some of us continue feeling the draw of the sky and continue dreaming of becoming a pilot someday. If you find yourself often fantasizing about flying, it may be time to start thinking about pilot school.

Crew Pilot Training, Inc. offers hands-on pilot classes at our aviation school in Freeport. If the idea of flying through the sky at 20,000 feet or more sounds like the kind of experience you want to be having more often, then becoming a pilot might be for you. Crew Pilot Training, Inc. offers a wide variety of courses, depending on what kind of pilot you want to become. Some of our courses include:

Our courses all involve small class sizes and close work with veteran pilots capable of giving you the pilot training you need. Reach out to us today to sign up for the course most suited to your ambitions and kickstart your airline pilot career! Crew Pilot Training, Inc. has been successfully training and certifying commercial pilots since 1978. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of launching your pilot career!

4 Reasons to Get a Pilot License

There are many great reasons to get your pilot license. Let’s focus on five of the big ones:

#1: It’s Fun!

Flying an airplane can be quite the adrenaline rush. As you get behind the controls, push the throttle forward, and fly around at nearly 600 mph with no or only very few obstacles, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself. Combining technical maneuvering, a sense of accomplishment, and exhilarating heights and speeds, there are few other things that allow you to have that kind of experience. Though it takes time and effort to achieve, when you succeed in launching your airline pilot career, just think — this excitement will be what you live and breathe every day. If you’re looking for an exciting, challenging career path that gives you a sense of accomplishment every day, an airline pilot career is likely right for you.

#2: The View

It’s an obvious point, but it can’t be said enough: until you’re thousands of feet up in the air flying solo as the sun sets over the distant horizon, you’ve never truly seen just how majestic the Earth can look. When you choose to get a commercial pilot license, you choose to have the opportunity to experience wondrous views as an every-day bonus in your career. It certainly beats sitting in a cubicle all day!

#3: Pilots Are Well Paid

From a purely career-advancement perspective, becoming a pilot is a pretty great choice. Wages for pilots are high — according to, the average salary for a commercial pilot is $150,000 to $175,000 a year, depending on what airline you fly for. Alongside the adventure and the view, then, is the promise of financial stability and the freedom that comes along with it. If you are wondering about why to become a pilot, we’d argue that “freedom”, both financial and literal, is one of the most fundamental reasons. If you’re ready to get your airline pilot career off the ground, the first thing you need to do is to go to pilot school and get your ATP and CTP certification. It’s only up from there!

#4: Travel the World

When you become a commercial pilot, you are essentially transporting people from point to point around the world. From the moment you step into the cockpit, being an airline pilot can be a very rewarding experience. As you may already know, airline pilots also get to travel themselves, accruing so many frequent flyer miles, along with other benefits, that you are likely to reach a situation where you can effectively travel anywhere you want to go in the world for free. If you have dreams of being a world traveler, a pilot career can be a great way to make your dreams a reality. Before you can become a pilot, however, you need to be properly certified and trained. That’s where we come in.

Sign up for Pilot School Today!

If you live near Freeport, consider starting down the road to getting your professional pilot career underway. The benefits of being a pilot are numerous, and the opportunities that can emerge from it can be quite lucrative. Talk to our veteran and retired airline pilot staff for a clearer picture of what being a pilot is like and find out if you are cut out for the challenge!

Not everyone has what it takes to be a pilot. However, when you choose to study at Crew Pilot Training, Inc., you will be getting the best shot around for succeeding in your goal. We are committed to advancing your career as a professional pilot, which is why we offer complete, comprehensive pilot training with highly experienced instructor pilots, to give you the best chance of success. Give us a call today to discuss what course is right for you! Ready to apply? It’s not necessarily an easy career to get into, but the benefits of flying freely through the sky, traveling the world, and more make the effort worthwhile.