Crew Pilot Training’s flight school has a 40-year history training Boeing 737 pilots for all major airlines. Our staff of instructors and examiners are all former airline pilots and employees. The Boeing 737 aircraft is a common airplane, which means that the Boeing 737 type rating is valid for all 737 aircraft. Crew Pilot Training flight school offers a variety of 737 courses for the pilots that require training on a specific series of 737 aircraft for insurance purposes. For the commercial-rated pilots wanting to gain an ATP license, you can attend our ATP-CTP course or bring the original copy of your ATP written examination, and Crew Pilot Training will add the ATP at no extra charge.


Manuals and courseware can be downloaded from our operations site, which is password-protected and accessible only by our flight school students.
Note: Crew Pilot Training uses and will furnish iPads for both G/S & sims coursework

  1. Colored cockpit panels.
  2. 40 hours of Distance Learning, CBT’s through CPAT.
  3. 73+ hours of actual classroom ground instruction
  4. 4 hours Fixed Base Training (FTD) if partnered. On some occasions, the FTD is conducted in the actual flight simulator without motion and visual
  5. 32 hours’ full flight simulator training if partnered, which will include Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) and an FAA certification ride with one of our training center examiners or an FAA examiner.
  6. Training and checking is accomplished in a Level C or D, 6 axes, FAA-approved full flight simulator under our FAA 142 Certificate #VQPX292K


  • USA FAA Commercial Pilot license, Multi-Engine with Instruments
  •  For the pilot adding the full ATP with the type rating reference, an FAR of at least 61.159 is required
  • If you plan to apply for veteran’s benefits to reimburse your tuition for Crew Pilot Training flight school, a valid civilian first class medical is also required

Google the FAR 61.64 (2) regulation for more information on how to qualify for entry into the B-737 simulator-only program. You must meet at least one of the different rules to qualify for entry, or a 25-hour limitation will be added to your license.

Note: Sorry, but FAR 142 schools like Crew Pilot Training cannot remove Center Line Thrust limitations. The FAA must remove the limitation themselves.


Flight school locations vary between the Boeing 737 Classic and New Generation courses. Crew Pilot Training’s Boeing 737 Classic courses are taught at our Sanford and Miami flight schools. Our Boeing 737 New Generation courses are taught at our Dallas and Miami flight schools. However, our Miami classes are taught only part of the year. Miami is a cruise-ship city, and we’ve found it makes finding hotel arrangements difficult for our students during cruise season. Therefore, we do limited training in Miami during the cruise offseason.


Most student pilots finish the Boeing 737 course in 12 days, but Crew Pilot Training recommends planning to spend 13 days, just in case something comes up during training. Additionally, both courses require 40 hours of distance learning to be completed online prior to the first day of class through CPAT. Once enrolled and confirmed in a class, Our Operations site will release a password for downloading the FAA-approved course, and other materials for class. When you are within 90 days of the start of class, you will receive a password for the Distance Learning information from CPAT.


Our flight school classes are ongoing. Visit our application page to get started enrolling!



A $1,500.00 deposit is required to confirm your class date. The deposit can be paid either by credit card, personal check or bank transfer. The rest of the course balance is due in our home office 10 days prior to class, to be paid by a personal check or bank transfer. Additional full flight simulator training is available at $550.00 per hour for Classic and $650.00 per hour for Next Generation. Additional training includes the instructor and must be booked in two-hour blocks.


There are hotels close to our flight schools. The price will vary based on the time of year The price range is typically from $99 to $109, plus tax. The hotels offer transportation to and from our flight schools.

Uber Or Lyft Car Service: Anyone can use Uber or Lyft, just download the apps on your smartphone and fill out the information required.


We accept veteran’s benefits, both post-9/11 and the GI Bill. We carry all the required VA forms in our office. Upon completing enrollment in our flight school, Crew Pilot Training will email the required forms for you to complete and return. Crew Pilot Training will file the VA paperwork for you once the course is completed. Your refund should arrive approximately 6 to 8 weeks after graduation. Upon completion of the course, Crew Pilot Training will email you copies of all VA paperwork that was filed on your behalf. We require all students to pay upfront for our flight school. The VA will refund you if you are using veteran’s benefits.


For students that are not U.S. citizens and hold green cards, you must apply for TSA approval to attend class. This is a requirement even if you have been approved for another U.S. flight school. This approval is required for each U.S. flight school you attend. You can apply for approval through

Visa requirements: You should check with your country’s embassy. Crew Pilot Training flight school is listed under Texas, not Florida, on the TSA’s approval site.