Have an interview with an airline soon? We will prepare you for your interview simulation ride.

Crew Pilot Training trains pilots with upcoming airline interviews on the profiles that are typically flown during the sim ride. Since all of our instructors were major airline pilots, you can count on being ready when the big day comes.


For several years, Crew Pilot Training has offered airline simulator preparation training. The training is a one-day event held at our flight school in Miami.


Training consists of a briefing and debriefing, and one hour flying a designated profile. We try to schedule your training with at least one other pilot so you can spend an hour flying your profile in the left seat and also do one hour of observation in the right seat.

This course does not require FAA Approval and cannot satisfy any currency requirement related to Title 14 CFR§61.


We will send you a study guide with the profiles that will be flown during the simulation prep.


Crew Pilot Training uses airline instructor pilots for this training. Prior to training, student pilots will receive via e-mail the instructor’s name, briefing time and a map to our Miami flight school.


Operations will schedule all training events for pilots. Once the schedule has been confirmed, each pilot will receive an e-mail containing all information needed for the training. Most sim preps will be held in the afternoon and evening. When completing the application, please indicate three to five available days, and any time restrictions you may have for those days.


Payments may be made by cash, credit card, or bank transfer to:

Crew Pilot Training, Inc
PO Box 6692
Kingwood, Texas 77325-6692

NOTE: Refunds are not available once Crew Pilot Training confirms your training date.


Classes are ongoing. However, if you have a special day you would prefer, bring a few of your friends and we will do our best to accommodate you.

To submit an application either:

Any queries, please address to our contact page.


The following document copies must be delivered prior to class date via email to sales@737cpt.com

ATP or Commercial License:
If you hold the ATP flight certification, then we will need a signed PDF copy of it — front and back. If you hold a commercial license and have the ATP written, Crew Pilot Training will need a PDF copy of your ATP exam results and the ATP certificate from the ATP-CTP school you attended.


If you plan to apply for VA Benefits to get your tuition reimbursed, then we will need a PDF copy of your current first class civilian medical records. Remember you don’t need one unless you will be filing for VA benefits. You may wait on the medical, as we don’t need it until right before your class date.

If you use your birth certificate, we will need two forms of picture ID. If you use your passport, no additional identification is required.


We are approved to accept veteran’s benefits, both post-9/11 and the GI Bill. We carry all the required VA forms in our office. Upon completing enrollment in our flight school, Crew Pilot Training will email the required forms for you to complete and return. Crew Pilot Training will file the VA paperwork for you once the course is completed. Your refund should arrive approximately six to eight weeks after graduation. Upon completion of the course, Crew Pilot Training will email you copies of all VA paperwork that was filed on your behalf. We require all students to pay upfront for our flight school. The VA will refund you if you are using veteran’s benefits.

More information is available on our VA Benefits page.


For students that are not U.S. citizens and for students holding green cards, you must apply for TSA approval to attend class. This is a requirement even if you have been approved for another U.S. flight school. This approval is required for each U.S. flight school you attend. You can apply for approval through www.flightschoolcandidates.gov.

Visa requirements: You should check with your embassy and the international students guide for more information. Crew Pilot Training flight school can be found under Texas, not Florida, on the TSA approval site.


All cancellation notices must be by email or certified mail in our home office 30 days prior to class date. Please reference our cancellation and rescheduling policies.