The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) reports that currently about 73% of pilot license test takers pass. In the last decade, both commercial and private initial pilot certification tests have seen nearly a 5% decline, most of that within the last few years. This drop doesn’t mean people are getting dumber or that the test is getting harder. It more likely indicates that we should look closely at the skill and training process of flight schools. If you are looking for a flight school with a higher chance of success due to highly involved, personal instruction by some highly-skilled retired pilots, then Crew Pilot Training, Inc. in Freeport is for you. We resist the trend of declining course quality around the country by doubling down and providing the best training you can get. If you’re looking for a pilot school where you have the best chances of subsequently passing your test to get your ATP or CTP certification, then contact us today!

How to Succeed in Flight School

High-quality instructors are only part of the story. As a student, you need to be fully prepared and engaged as well. This guide goes over everything you need to do to succeed in flight school.

#1: Use Your Resources

Every ERAU computer comes with Gleim FAA Test Prep software that you can use to train for your FFA Knowledge Test. At the flight line, you can practice your Cessna 172 CPTs, so you can master the checklist. Both of these are excellent resources to tap into without having to pay for using an airplane. There are also countless resources available online that you can use to practice and learn. Virtual reality flight simulator games, for example, can help you get comfortable in the cockpit and help prepare you for an airline pilot career.

#2: Fly As Often As Possible

Practicing with VR and studying diligently go a long way, however, the thing that will have the greatest impact on your improvement as a pilot is flying as much as possible. When you sign up for a course with Crew Pilot Training, Inc., you get more of the help you need so that you feel confident when you fly. The more you practice, the better you will become. It just takes time. Students who don’t make it through flight school are often people who are looking for a short-term commitment and have an idealized vision of what it entails. The reality of flight school is that it requires diligent study, hard work, and perseverance to be successful. Being a pilot comes with a lot of responsibilities. Flight school is one of the ways around that separates the wheat from the chaff.

#3: Study Outside of Flight School

Don’t just show up to flight school without having done your homework first. Use the time between lessons to prepare yourself for the next topic. That way, when you meet up with your instructor again you will be able to focus less on the mundane basics and more and more on higher-value training. The more you study, the less time you spend relearning the same things, which also means the less money you ultimately pay on your mission to acquiring your pilot license.

#4: Find the Right Instructor

Returning back to things that you need to do before you even begin flight school, finding the right instructor has got to be the most important factor in your success in launching your airline pilot career. You need highly experienced, helpful instructors, who love to teach and who are motivated to see you succeed at aviation school. What is more, you want to make sure you have an instructor who isn’t intimidating or doesn’t make you feel stupid; someone who you can trust in the cockpit to be your ally and whose teaching methods suit your needs. Not all instructors suit all students. We urge you to read about our instructors and call us to make sure that, before you take the plunge, you are confident that Crew Pilot Training, Inc. in Freeport is right for you. Our pilot training school team is committed to giving you an extremely comprehensive pilot training experience so that you can have a great chance of achieving your goal to launch your pilot career. Thinking about applying? Call us now to get started with pilot school!