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Certified Commercial Airline Pilot Training

As an FAA-approved pilot training organization since 1978, Crew Pilot Training provides commercial pilot training programs for professional, commercial, and veteran pilots looking to renew or get their first airline transport pilot (ATP) license. There are many different paths to advancing your career as a pilot, and we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more, or apply online for one of our pilot training courses.

Overview of ATP-CTP & B-737 Type Rating Courses


The Crew Pilot Training (CPT) team of experienced commercial and veteran instructors take a careful, personalized approach to mentoring and educating each new pilot. We have the best ATP-CTP courses and specialize in Boeing 737 type rating certification training. For more than 40 years, we have been training pilots for all major national airlines. Begin to advance your career as a pilot by getting ATP-CTP and B-737 type rating training today by applying online.

Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP)

The ATP-CTP pilot certification course prepares pilots to take the written Airline Transportation Multi-Engine (ATM) pilot knowledge exam and covers topics like aerodynamics, flight automation, navigating adverse weather conditions, air carrier options, and more. The course includes four hours of flight training in a B-737 Classic or Next Generation (NG) Level 4 or greater Flight Training Device, followed by six hours of full flight (FSS) training in a Level C or D flight simulator. Learn more online, or apply today.

B-737 Classic & Next Generation (ATP Or Commercial) Type Rating

Because the Boeing 737 aircraft is a common airplane, a B-737 type rating is valid for all 737 aircraft, and commercial pilots wanting to add the ATP license can do so by attending the ATP-CTP course or by bringing a copy of a valid ATP written exam. The B-737 (Classic or Next Gen) type course curricula consists of 40 hours of distance learning, 73+ hours of classroom instruction, four hours of Fixed Base Training (FTD), and 32 hours of FFS if partnered. To learn more about our B-737 type rating courses, contact us today, or begin the application process.

B-737 Classic & NG Recurrent

For pilots who already have an ATP certificate with a B-737 type rating or a commercial pilot certificate with a B-737 type rating, we offer a B-737 Classic and Next Generation B-737 recurrent pilot training course with FAA-approved course content. We will ensure that you are properly refreshed by providing ten hours of academic ground training, two hours of FTD modules, four hours of simulator modules, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our recurrent pilot training courses, or apply today to begin finding a time and instructor.

B-737 Airline SIM Preps

For pilots preparing for interviews, CPT offers simulation prep rides where we train pilots on the profiles that are typically used in flight simulator tests. Our profiles are highly accurate because our flight instructors are all from major airlines, and we also try to make sure to pair you with another pilot so that you get one hour flying your profile and one hour observing in the other seat. Contact us to learn more about our B-737 airline sim prep training times, or begin your application online today.

Apply Today for ATP-CTP Commercial Airline Pilot Training

Whether you are a professional pilot looking to get ATP-CTP certification with a B-737 aircraft type rating, or a commercial pilot looking for recurrent training or specific aircraft series training for insurance, Crew Pilot Training has the best pilot training courses in the country. Learn about our veteran benefits program, apply online today, or contact us with further questions.